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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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spirituality is the most important thing to me about politics. even if you could get benefits in the political world, i want to do what is right. people know that is what i am about. when she reached out to me, i knew that i had to do right thing and be there for her. if that meant, whatever that meant, that is where was going to go. regardless of our professional relationship how it -- relationship, i was going to stand by eliana lopez. i still do not know where i got that call that day. i felt -- i tried to be supportive of eliana. i did my best. >> the idea of a conflict of interest, may be the need to
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recused yourself did not occur to you. r seem like the right thing to do for you? >> i guess, i mean, i thought about it and would be the easy thing to do. i do not think in a moment -- that moment that was the right thing to do. the right thing was to be there for eliana and support eliana. whatever that meant. that is what i did. chairperson hayon: ok. later on, there are all these phone calls that should have been referred to in the afternoon. callskpl> cycle. chairperson hayon: it made the
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decision it was not -- i do not want to say not that important. it obviously question ivory madison's decision to call the police. >> i never questioned her. >> from what you have described in your testimony. >> when i said back afterwards and here -- hear her and her friend. and having a conversation with eliana, did he ever hit you, going through an assessment and she was saying no, no, no. it did seem sl -- like something is not one yet. chairperson hayon: it does seem
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out of whack but in your experience with domestic violence victims, i am sure you have encountered total of some erotic behavior if you will where people are saying the exact opposite of what they really want to do or to happen. and people can be very emotionally confused and not making any sense whatsoever. i do not know of that can occur -- that can occur, i do not know of that is the case here. >> for the record, one at a time. chairperson hayon: you would acknowledge that can occur. >> yes, i acknowledge that. why would she seek meow -- me out and talk to me and then we have this conversation and she is letting me know, no, no, no, and she wants something different. she wants to work on a relationship, having custody
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issues. not excusing what happened. >>chairperson hayon: you mentiod she had never heard of ivory madison. and you did not know that it was she that you were speaking with on that phone call. madison posted a big fund-raiser for share of mirkarimi. i am surprised that you would not have known about it or have heard her name in the context. >> i did not work on -- like i said, when you have campaign managers, they can take on different roles. i did not want -- work on the finances. there was a different person, who was doing the finances and the other person they had as a treasure. i was focused on organizing the volunteers and make -- making
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sure we had presence at different events and getting out the vote, we had a different focus. someone wide to give out money, i was able to direct them to who was handling the finances but i never work on the fund. there was also a campaign coordinator. chairperson hayon: at the end that you have described this day with all these phone calls and quite a bit of drama, really, and stress, at the end you start off saying your concern for eliana but that at the end of the day in terms of how you have described it, you were concerned for ross and eliana and theo. do you see any contradiction in that? do you feel that this feeling were the result of your being kind of in the middle and being in a conflict in position between these individuals.
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>> it may appear to be that, to be like that, but i took everything one step at a time. meaning that as a campaign manager, my work was to get him elected and i did that. he was down in the polls before we started. i am proud of that. as jack, my job as a campaign manager of a winning campaign pledges to help get inauguration underway. that is generate eight. i will tell you that eliana asked me to continue to support ross, and to help president -- help her husband. she wanted me to help ross. chairperson hayon: thank you. >> any other questions for car -- peralta haines.
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>> i do have a few questions for you. ms. talk -- ms. lopez testified and told you that on january 4, during your multiple conversations and texts with her, did you provide her with any ideas about how to handle or deal with the situation of the video becoming public? >> no. and did not. >> did you provide any ideas about dealing with theú>8ú>qj sn of the video turned over to the police? i did not. there were 25 or 30 text with a share for mirkarimi, did you provide him with any ideas or suggestions on how to deal with this situation with the video
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becoming public? >> no. i did not. >> did you provide sheriff mirkarimi with ideas on how to do with the video being turned over to the police? >> no. i did not. >> let me ask you -- to the asking for help in that regard? >> no. they did not. you testified that ms. lopez was stress and on the verge of tears or crying in the background during one of the conversations when you were handed over the phone -- the fall was handover to you and use -- you ended up -- the phone was handed over and you added up with that. during the remainder of calls and text, did you provide her with any ideas about how to communicate with people who were
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causing her stress that day? >> i did not. commissioner liu: did you ask her about what the situation was with this woman who was causing her to cry? >> i did not. commissioner liu: why not? >> my concern was to make sure that they supported and i was supportingv[y what it sounded like there was not something right, just make sure they can earth -- refer to attorneys, they are the experts. i saw my role as emotional support. >> ok. thank you. >> a couple of questions for me and i promise you will be done. >> ok. say the best for last. >> you have not heard the
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question set. >> between january 4 and january 8, did you talk to anyone about the physical violence other than ross mirkarimi, ileana, or ivory madison? >> no. >> it was a jury for they learned of this. 2012. >> yes. >> that is all i have. >> thank you for your time. it is not an easy time for you. i appreciate you and your attorney being here. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> maybe you should stay for a moment. >> is ms. lopez available tomorrow as well as tonight? what is her -- do you know her preference in terms of when she would like to testify? i understand the city attorney is going to have a couple of hours with her. is that right, mr. keith? >> yes. i do not want to make any promises on time. >> if you tell me it will be longer, i may tell you -- >> >> it will not take all night. we could do it in 2 1/2. >> will have to talk about
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whether that is feasible or not. thank you for the estimate. in light of that, do you have any preference as to how we divide up miss lopez's testimony? >> could i run and ask? likable points are that i think it is 11:30 p.m. or midnight in venezuela. she is still on venezuelan time. she flew, it is a 16 or 17-hour trip. if we started tonight, there would be o.k. but my request was going to be that we stop about 9:00 or 9:30, that is 12:30 p.m. her time. she goes to bed very early. [pjit is getting close to pastor bedtime and mine too. can i just run and ask her, please, and i will come right back? >> sure. >> there is one other matter we
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should decide tonight which is inspector becker. >> we do not need her for that. thank you. ok. let me tell the commissioners, what i was hoping to accomplish tonight was the testimony of ms hianes -- haines and ms. lopez. tomorrow. the other thing we needed to decide now is whether we need to hear from inspector danielle. we need to hear from him tomorrow as well. we do need to address that issue of whether we neeé9@inspector becker, i am sorry. so while she is conferring, why
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do we take up the issue of officer becker? here's my view of the situation. i understand why the mayor wants -- had this rebuttal testimony. i think this rebuttalçñ is completely redundant to where you have in officer danielle's decoration. your proffer is in his declaration which has been admitted into evidence. i would be inclined to reject the request for officer becker to appear for for their rebuttal testimony but i will give you a chance to argue it. >> thank you. à that your testimony would be consistent
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but this is a factual dispute. the sheriff said he did not make certain statements. i apologize. this is a situation where there is a factual dispute and the sheriff had said he did not make certain statements about his weapon the night he was arrested. it seems that if there is to ã9qj relevant to resolving that factual disputes and i think the testimony is consistent but i do not necessarily think that makes it redundant. i would add that we are submitting the incident report that was written by inspector becker that night. we are submitting that as a further statement regarding[m happened that night. it is in dispute and although it is consistent, that does not make it redundant. >> úñ:hjylet me ask you a specic question.
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do you have an objection to the j and the emergency protective order request been admitted? >> i do not have an objection to the emergency protective order. the police reports are here. i agree with what you said earlier. >> let's see if there is a dissenting view among the commissioners first. is there a dissenting view with respect to officer becker? >> no. >> the request for officer becker to appear as a witness is a world -- overruled. i can see we have ms. lopez. good evening. can i have your at the podium, please?
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what is the resolution? >> the preference commission would be to start this evening, the four half-hour or so. is that ok? one hour 45? >> what if we go to 930. is that acceptable to parties? >> yes, i just a little bit of water. >> mr. keith, i want to open this up to the commissioners as well. what i would like to do is say expect in light of what is in these declarations that you should be able to get through this in two hours. i am not saying that does not necessarily a hard stop but it will be helpful for us if we can plan and a think i recommendation -- i would recommend that is the expectation of how much time you have with this witness. ok.
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ms. lopez, before we began, i have a couple questions for you. we have on standby an interpreter, a spanish-language interpreter. would you like to have the services of the interpreter available to you? >> yes. that could be better. >> where is my interpreter? >> if i am confused about something, i can ask for words. >> i recommend we have the interpreter available. if ms. lopez feels she needs the interpreter to a understand the question or provide the answer,
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an interpreter was available. time. >> [inaudible] >> ok, perfect. thank you. å the new witness and the interpreter, please? >> if the interpreter would stand and raise your right hand. you solemnly swear that you will transmitffff[$ questions d answers given to those? ms. lopez? raise your right hand. you do solemnly state and a penalty of perjury that the answers will be the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> yes. >> thank you. >>l!÷8ówd yes.
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thank you very much. please proceed. >> i am sorry. >> good evening, ms. lopez, i am a deputy city attorney. >> nice to meet. -- me you. >> ? >> i fly in late monday night. >> you have been away from the united states sense march 25 of this year? >> yes, i think that is the right date. would you mind moving the microphone closer? ñh[óç,zwhen will you be flying o venezuela? >> objection, irrelevant. >> would you be here tomorrow
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night? >> yes. >> i would like to ask you some questions about how your life in venezuela has been between march 25 and when you flew back a couple of days ago. do you still want a home in -- hear? >> objection. >> sustained. >> i am establishing some of the background facts because it will bear on issues of bias and credibility. >> what is your proper -- proffer? >> she has a driving license in venezuela. she wants to be careful doing something that would be counter to the interests of the
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sheriff's. i think it will become clear shortly. >> we will give you some leeway to get there. >> do you own a home in venezuela? >> yes. >> is that where you have been living? >> yes. >> to you have family nearby? >> dess. your father is close by? >> yes. >> you have been spending time with him? >> yes. he had major surgery last week. >> you will be going back soon so you can be with him? >> i was sleeping with him in the hospital for three days. >> before you came to the united states, you had a successful career as an actress in venezuela? >> yes. >> since you returned, have you worked on film projects there? >> i start rehearsals and i am
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going to start shooting to the next monday i am doing on monday. movies? >> no. >> no. not at this moment. >> before the movie you will start work on monday, did you work on a different movie since she went back? no. >> how long is that project expected to last that will start on monday? >> i think is going to be like 20 days. i do not have all the scheduling. >> your son has been with you in venezuela since march 25? >> ps3 >> is he and i and that as well right now? >> yes. >> is he being well cared for? >> he is with my mother and father. >> you trust them to take good
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care of them? >> they are better than me. >> that is how i feel that my parents. >> they are watching this hearing. even at midnight. >> i do not know where my parents are. >> the nice thing is they do not understand english. that is love and support. >> this two hours will go by pretty quick if we keep doing this. >> do you feel that theo is safe in venezuela with you? >> sedgefield now at this moment even he is safer in venezuela that in san francisco. >> is it important to have your son with you? >> absolutely. >> one of the reasons you were able to take your son to
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venezuela is your husband gave his consent for you to take the 02 venezuela. is that correct? >> yes. >> your husband signed a document that was filed with family court giving consent to take him to venezuela -- your son to venezuela. there was a document that he had to sign in march in order for you to leave this country with the zero? >> yes. we are a family. even though we are apart we make all the decisions together. now through lawyers but we are family. >> and then you have to get an extension. . ÷l >> your husband had to get an extension? >> hannity's. >> once again in june you had to obtain the consent of your husband in order to remain in
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venezuela with theo with you. >> yes. >> you have to come back8w,eqz d obtain another extension. >> yes. >> to stay past august to have to get your husband's consent again. >> yes. >> to have another -- do you have another film project lined up? >> not at the moment. >> are you working at lining up another -- arranging another film project for you to work on after the current one? >> the situation we are is that my husband was suspended without pay. that was one of the reasons that i moved to venezuela so i can work and i -- i have my own
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home and to live in venezuela and half may be a better life than we have here. it is 25% of the cost here. we are not -- >> not a burden for ross. >>mvúñ [unintelligible] >> i am glad to give that answer. there were some questions i'm going to ask you in a couple of minutes. i want to go back to the question i asked you. you have this film project started on monday that is expected to take about 20 days. >> yes. >> are you looking -- working on lining up another project? >> no. i do not have anyone yet. >> up to now, your husband has
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always given his consent for you to stay with theo in venezuela. >> yes. k;u/ said it allows you to support yourself and theo in venezuela. >> yes. because we do not have any money. >> your husband could stop giving back consent at any time. >> how do now? >> are you sure that he is going to give consent next time? >> how do you know? we do not know. jh, sure that your husband will give consent in august? >> of course. i do not know if he is going to do it but will make the decision as a family together. what is the best, maybe at that moment he is the sheriff again so i can come back.
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>> so for your own information, the process takes longer middle blocker, whatever the result might be. t a longer, whatever the result might be. >> i do not know. maybe we have to wait. >> you have considered divorcing your husband? >> no. >> you never considered divorcing your husband? >> no. >> never ever? %ei we never made any decision. >> what you mean by that? >> we did not make any decision about to split or get divorced. >> you and your husband together never made any decision. >> exactly. >> i want to focus on your own thoughts about whether or not you want to divorce. whether or not you have considered divorcing your h